Don’t Move Engine Co.3 From Chambers St. Area

21 October, 1988 (~estimated)

Don’t Move Engine Co.3 From Chambers St. Area

To The Editor of Town Topics:

It has come to my attention that there is a proposal of moving Mercer Engine Company No. 3 from Chambers Street to another location. I feel that this would be an extremely large mistake for the following reasons:

  1. Due to their close proximity, they have been able to respond to numerous alarms in the hotel in virtually minutes. This would be extremely important in any life-threatening situation which there is bound to be in any public building.
  2. In speaking with the firemen, they assure me that there has never been any problem with getting access to Chambers Street in emergency situations.
  3. The further the firehouse would be, would definitely increase the insurance rates for all Palmer Square merchants as well as all businesses in the surrounding area.
  4. A new firehouse would cost three to four times the cost of what it would be to renovate Mercer No. 3

In summation, I feel that it would be a very large mistake to change what is a very efficient, cost-saving operation.

Nelson Zager
Nassau Inn



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