Fire Study Asked

Town Topics
26 October 1983

Topics of the Town:
Fire Study Asked

Town is Growing. How can Princeton best provide Tire protection, in view of the growth pressures within the community’’

The Fire Commission, at a meeting last week, decided to seek professional help and voted to ask the National Testing Service and similar fire-protection organizations, to submit study proposals and costs.

“This doesn’t mean we’re committed.” said Fire Commissioner Richard Woodbridge. “but we want to see how much it would cost and we hope we can put it in the budget next year.”

Commissioners are concerned that fire-protection

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Topics of the Town
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was not part of the 1980 Master Plan.

“Fire protection hasn’t been looked at in years. Mr Woodbridge said. The question is are we going to be prepared for 1991 and 2000, and what do we need to do?”

Commissioners have remarked that Princeton owns $750,000,000 in rolling stock – fire-trucks of various kinds – has over 31 million in property- in the three firehouses, and serves two communities with combined rateables of almost $1 billion

The classic one-year term for the fire chief is still under discussion at the three volunteer companies. It has been proposed to make a ‘departmental chief” who would be elected for a maximum of five years, subject to re-election annually. It is generally felt that one year is too short a time to learn the job.

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