Fire Trucks on the Deck

Town Topics
8 December 1982

Fire Trucks on the Deck

Fire Chief Raymond Wadsworth warned the board the state might require that a full-size fire truck — a pumper — be able to drive onto Collins’ deck at the north of the Square. Chief Wadsworth has only recommended a mini-pumper, and he would like a ramp leading up to the deck.

But Collins’ architects say they can’t do a ramp, and that the deck won’t support a regular truck. They have placed cabinets on the deck, holding fire equipment and ladders long enough to reach the tops of all buildings.

When a Planning Board member asked about somebody trapped on the top floor of the five-story office building, architect Stephen Frankel said five stories met the zoning requirements, and besides the building would have sprinklers throughout. So far, no sprinklers have been planned for houses.

“We’ll be required to meet fire codes when we bring in our final building plans,” said Collins’ lawyer Thomas C. Jamieson, “and we don’t intend to ask for a waiver.”

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