General alarm fire strikes on State Road

General alarm fire strikes on State Road

Cooking oil caught fire at a house at 237 Slate Road resulting in a general alarm that brought v.i firemen lo the scene Saturday.

According to police the renter, Maureen Kapp, was cooking when the cooking oil caught on fire. She could not find the fire extinguisher and did not try to use water on the oil fire.

She tried to use the telephone to seek help but she found it did not work. She eventually did get in touch with the fire department, got all her children out of the house and closed all the doors in order to contain the fire, police said.

When PtI. David Funk arrived at the scene he saw flames by the ground floor window and requested a general alarm. He reported he fire was confined to the kitchen area.

The heat and smoke there were so intense, he reported, that his hand extinguisher could do little good.

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FIREMEN clean up in the kitchen area of a house at 237 State Road after cooking oil caught on fire, resulting in a general alarm last Saturday.

(Bill Allen photo)

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