Harrison Bridge Closed

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20 May 1981

Harrison Bridge Closed

After Car Strikes Railing. The Harrison Street Bridge, just re-opened a few weeks ago after repairs following an accident, will be closed again until further notice for additional repairs.

Early Sunday morning, a car struck another car on the bridge, glanced off and rammed a concrete stanchion before coming to rest on the raised concrete rail. Three 20- foot sections of metal guard rail and three concrete posts were damaged in the collision.

Township Traffic Safety Officer Sgt. Anthony Nini guessed that the bridge would be closed for three weeks. The concrete stanchions have to be pre-poured, he said, and repair bids will not be sent until Thursday.

The driver, Ridgely P. Walters. 21, of Trenton, has been charged by Ptl. William Potts with careless driving. He escaped injury.
According to police, his car, heading toward Route 1, crossed over the center line after coming onto the bridge at 2:41 in the morning, and struck the left front of a Volkswagen driven by Brian C. Frazier of Colonia. Mr. Frazier was treated at Princeton Medical Center for contusions and abrasions of the face.

Three passengers in the Walters car, Jean Manna, 19, and Karen Hurst, 18. both of Princeton Junction, and Peter Pestalucz, 21, of Massachusetts, were also treated at the hospital for head contusions.

The front end and undercarriage of both cars were extensively damaged.

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