Let’s keep it quiet / Defends fire company

Princeton Packet
21 October 1981

Let’s keep it quiet

To the editor:

Noise is a problem in the Borough of Princeton.

The borough’s street cleaning starts a soon as people close their eyes at mid night and keep all of us awake until th sun comes up.

Why? Why have humans no rights in the borough of Princeton? Why all the noise behind Hook and Ladder’s parking lot? People live there, you know.

Sirens and horns are blasting in town Please keep quiet. Noise is bad for your health. Have respect for us humans in the borough.

Dirk Bonnema
North Harrison Street

Princeton Packet
18 November 1981

Defends fire company

To the editor:

Mr. Bonnema of North Harrison Street may have nothing better to do at night than to sit up and stare from his room across the street at the Hook and Ladder Fire House. I am very sorry for him if noise bothers him. However I am profoundly infuriated that every time he complains about the noise the first people he mentions is the Princeton Hook and Ladder Fire Co. I’m sure that Mr. Bonnema knew what would be in store when he moved into his house across from Hook and Ladder.

We of Hook and Ladder and of the whole Princeton Fire Department pride ourselves at being quick and efficient to save lives and property at all hours and in any type of weather, and we train twice a week in order to do so.

Mr. Bonnema complains about the street sweeper doing its job at night when really it is the only time the streets are clear of parked cars and traffic.
Why is it in my 15 years as a fireman in Princeton I have never heard anyone complain about noise until Mr. Bonnema moved across the street from the fire house. Princeton is one of the quietest places I know of. Maybe Mr. Bonnema should move to New York City and find out what noise really is.

What would happen if Mr. Bonnema ever had an emergency at his house. Would he call the police and tell them or the first aid squad or fire department not to make any noise on the way to his aid?

Terrence D. Davison
Princeton Hook and Ladder

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