Praise for Fire Companies

Town Topics
14 October 1981

Praise for Fire Companies

To the Editor of Town Topics :

The following is a letter I have written to Chief Ralph Hulit of the Princeton Fire Companies:

The board of directors, residents and management of Princeton Community Village want to extend our heartfelt thanks to you and the many volunteer members of the Princeton Fire companies for the way you handled what could have been a disastrous fire at the Village not long ago.

The fire could have destroyed much more than it did at the Village except for the prompt and efficient manner in which you and your men worked. Everyone at the scene was impressed by the professionalism of the company. Everyone who knows anything about fires realizes the dangers to which you were all exposed. The Princeton volunteers deserve recognition as courageous and professional firefighters in a time when volunteering for anything is unique.

On behalf of the more than 700 residents of the Village, the Board of PCV and our management team, our grateful thanks.

Managing Agent,
Princeton Community Village

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