Princeton University gives firefighters an extra reason to celebrate

4 October, 1988 (~estimated)

The Princeton Fire Department’s annual inspection parade Friday night provided one of the best excuses for a traffic jam Princeton Borough has seen all year.

Some members of the 200.year-old department carried flower-idled trumpets, the “prized possessions” of years past, when orders were tooted, rather than barked through a radio or bullhorn.

The parader wound along Nassau Street and up to Princeton Borough hall. Once there, the members were notified of a $10,000 contribution to their fundraising efforts, donated by, Princeton University. The gift marks the largest donation yet in she year-long fund drive celebrating the department’s 200th anniversary. Approximately $100,000 has been generated so far.

Fire department officials also bestowed years-of-service awards on members who have seen more than 30 or 60 years with the force. Former fire Chief Ken Rendall received a gift of appreciation from the department and from current Chief Richard McKee.

In addition, awards were given to three borough employees, Borough Clerk Penelope S. Edwards-Carter, Administrative Assistant Teresa B.

Cupples and Secretarial Aide Andrea Lea Quinty, for their assistance to the department this year.

Princeton Township Mayor Cathleen Litvack (left) and Princeton Borough Mayor Barbara Sigmund thank firefighters for their dedication.


Fire company members (left to right), Ray Bianco, Pat Root and Robert Toole, lay a wreath for deceased members at Borough Hall.

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