Red Cross volunteer honored for service

Princeton Packet
24 March 1982

Red Cress volunteer honored for service

George W. Hunt. a lifelong resident of the Princeton’ area, was presented with a plaque on Feb. 22 recognizing his service of 20 years as first aid instructor and the last 10 years as chairman of the first aid committee of the Princeton Area Chapter. American Red Cross. Mrs. James Roudabush, chapter chairman, presented the plaque at the February meeting of the chapter board of directors.

Mr. Hunt is retiring as chairman of first aid, but vows to continue as an instructor. In response to the presentation he said that he received great satisfaction and a deep sense of usefulness from his volunteer work with the Red Cross. He added. “It is only in giving that we receive.” He was employed for a number of years with the Purchasing Division of Princeton University and for the past 12 years he has been associated with Hajoca Co., plumbing and heating wholesalers, located in Trenton. He is a graduate of St. Paul s Grammar School, Princeton High School and holds an Associate of Arts degree from Rider College. Before a serious and life-threatening illness during his senior year at high school. George had dreams of being a professional baseball player. That dream, plus a wartime desire to be a U.S. Marine were shattered and he was forced to spend the war years as an Air Corps observer.

In addition to teaching literally hundreds of courses in first aid through the Red Cross, he was president of the Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad from 1967 through 1969, and presently gives leadership to the first aid program of the Ski Patrol.

The number of those who have benefited from Hunt’s training runs beyond a couple of thousand and the hours committed to the effort are staggering. In addition to Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation courses of eight hours each, and Standard First Aid courses of 15 hours, he teaches Advanced First Aid which takes 50 hours of class work and demonstration.

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