Rescue Squad Needs a Hand

Princeton Packet
22 November 1978
(date estimated)

Rescue squad needs a hand

Editor, The Packet:

I have read, almost with disbelief, that the two local governments of Princeton have “expressed little optimism on the prospects of direct municipal support” for the First Aid and Rescue Squad.

The time has come for me to express publicly my deep appreciation for the wonderful service the squad has given me. Five times in the last two years they have been called in the early morning hours, on bitter, icy cold nights to get me to the hospital because of a serious heart attack the first time and four items for less serious symptoms.

Always, within minutes it seemed, they were at my bedside, going about their duties quietly, thoughtfully, efficiently and gently in constant communication with the hospital, receiving instructions over their radio.

Mr. Woodbridge is probably correct in stressing better management. There must be many retired business managers, finance officers or investment bankers who could come’ forward now and volunteer their services in getting the squad’s matters untangled, make suggestions as to how to raise money effectively and lake over the investment of securities.

It is utterly incredible that the two municipalities could vote so much money for a bicycle path, which without a doubt is the worst piece of engineering I have ever seen – trees cut down, lawns massacred, light or telephone poles left in the middle of the path (only 10 days ago a small child came to my door crying – he had fallen off his bicycle and hit his head on that incredible curb. I called his mother and she picked him up ) and yet turn down an extremely important service in Princeton.

It seems to me that there must be one man or woman with financial know-how in this, one of the wealthiest areas in the country, who could come forward and help out in this very important matter.

May I most courteously suggest that Mrs. Litvak take a more positive view regarding the squad. The day may come when her parents, or even she, may have to call on the squad at 3 or 4 a.m.

If I was not in my eighties and able to attend the meeting on Nov. 13 I would most certainly be there.

Lillian Jones
Westerly Road

Squad issues bi-annual report

The Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad recently announced completion of a report indicating that despite its manpower and money shortages, it is maintaining its ability to serve ever-growing numbers of area residents.

Statistics from the first six months of 1978 show that the squad responded to 485 calls, expending 1,833 hours, and covering 5,030 miles with its four units. The totals are for all runs including emergencies and transportation.

In issuing the report, Mark Freda, president, reiterated the need for additional funds, and new members to be trained for daytime services.

Headquarters for the squad are located at 237 North Harrison St., P.O. Box 529, Princeton, N.J. 08540. The telephone number is (609) 924- 3338.

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