Shed Storing Material for Recycling Destroyed By Fire – Arson Suspected, Program Canceled

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4 June 1980

Shed Storing Material for Recycling Destroyed By Fire – Arson Suspected, Program Cancelled

All recycling has been cancelled in Princeton in the wake of a fire that destroyed the recycling shed at Princeton Shopping Center last week. “People are not to bring anything there until a change has been made” said Lt. Jack Petrone this week.

Police have termed the fire suspicious but add they have no suspects. The investigation is being continued by Lt. Norman Servis.

A passing motorist called at 3:30 Thursday morning to report the shed was ablaze. It burned completely to the ground. Only scattered bundles or papers and a few pieces of charred wood remained.

A police check of the area for suspicious persons proved fruitless.

Small Fire Earlier. Actually, there were two fires at the scene. At 1:38 a.m., Township police had investigated a fire in front of the shed. Lt. Petrone reported that two to three bundles of paper, 6 to 10 feet in front of the shed, had been set ablaze.

A Hook & Ladder pumper responded to a call from police, and firemen wet down the smouldering bundles. Police said they do not know the value of the shed or of any plans to replace it. Lt. Petrone added that he has heard a report that a concrete block shed will be built in its place.

The previous day, there was a small field fire in a vacant lot at the cul-de-sac end of Stuart Road West

Burning leaves and brush against the roadway were extinguished with a patrol car extinguisher and the area later was wet down by two units from the fire department.

This and reports of other scattered field fires have led Township police to believe, commented Lt. Petrone, that someone In the area has “match fever.”

Car Fire. There was a car fire last week in front of 972 Lawrenceville Road in the electrical system of a car owned by Morton Collins, 15 Stony Brook Lane.

Police called for aid from Engine No. 3 firemen to help but out the blaze. The only damage, Lt. Petrone said, was to wires under the hood.

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