Squad has busiest March

29 April 1981

Squad has busiest March

The Princeton Rescue Squad responded to a total of 120 first aid calls in March, 99 of them emergency calls, 15 routine transportation calls, and six miscellaneous. such as standbys at area events.

Of the 99 emergency calls, 20 were treated as Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU) calls with treatment being directed via telemetry with the hospital. Ten of these MICU calls were classified as “precautionary measures.” seven showed marked improvement, one showed correction of a potentially dangerous arrhythmia (heart irregularity), and attempts to revive two people in cardiac arrest were unsuccessful.

The total of 120 calls is an all-time high for the month of March. Members of the squad put in a total of 407 hours on these calls. In addition to this time on actual calls, members were involved in a first aid course, a mutual aid “disaster” drill with Twin W Squad, a brief course on rescue breathing taught to a group of mothers of infants, and a cardiopulmonary resuscitation course taught at Stuart Country Day School.

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