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Town Topics
1 January 1979
(date estimated)

Topics of the Town

“Could Have Been Serious.”

“We’re lucky we got a call early in the morning – it could have been serious,” commented Chief Michael Carnevale this week about a fire at Lloyd Terrace, a housing development for the elderly off Harrison Street.

A resident of the area, police said, who happened to be out walking, noticed that the porch and siding of one of the buildings was burning and called police at 6:22 Thursday morning.

Ptl. John Reading and Sgt. Thomas Procaccino responded. Police, using extinguishers from their patrol cars, and firemen put out the blaze. Later, an investigation by Det. Charles

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Topics of the Town
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Harris of the arson squad revealed that a couch cushion that had caught fire in one of the units had been removed from the living room and placed on a back porch. “It may have been still smouldering,” Chief Carnevale said.

It later flared up and caused the siding to ignite. There was considerable damage to the siding, overhang and breezeway, Det. Harris reported.

At 2:50 Monday afternoon, three police officers and firemen responded to a clothes dryer fire at a Westeott Road home. Police said that clothes in the dryer bad caught fire. After the blaze had been extinguished, firemen used fans to remove smoke from the house.

Shortly before noon Sunday as Doug Mackenzie of Laurel Circle was working on his car, wiring to his fuel pump shorted and began to catch fire. Police report, however, that the fire extinguished itself and there did not seem to be any damage.

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