Two Truck Fires

Town Topics
1 June 1983

Two Truck Fires

TWO TRUCK FIRES In Township. Township police respond to two truck fires last week-both on Friday.

An employee of the Whisper Concrete Cutting Co. of Passaic was injured when he attempted to refuel a pump motor running inside a van parked at the River Road sewer plant where the firm was doing some work.

The employee, John Bottine complained to police of his eyes burning due to a flash fire when the gasoline ignited. He was taken to Princeton Medical Center for treatment.

One fire truck and four firemen responded to the 9:45 a.m. call. Police report that the van was partially damaged by the fire.

Earlier in the morning at 8:08, the right rear wheel of a tractor-trailer caught fire outside Township Hall on Routes 206. Police tried to put out the overheated wheel fire with patrol car extinguishers but were unsuccessful and called for one piece of fire apparatus.

The tractor trailer was later able to continue on its way. Police identified the owner as John DeMeglio Inc. of Ancora N.J.

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