Workman Burns Hands When Glue Pot Ignites

30 September, 1988 (~estimated)

Workman Burns Hands When Glue Pot Ignites

A 29-year-old tile setter suffered first- and second-degree burns to both hands Friday when a bucket of tile glue he was carrying caught fire as he was working in a Palmer Square apartment. The victim, Frank Metivier of Beverly was treated at Princeton Medical Center and released.

According to police, Mr. Metivier was installing new tiles in a bathroom in an apartment above Clayton’s when the glue suddenly flamed up around 1:30. He rushed from the apartment, carrying the flaming bucket.

Ptl. Ronald Wohlschlegel and Ptl. Gary Mitchell spotted a plume of smoke rising from the roof, ran upstairs and doused the fire with extinguishers from their patrol car. Lt. Peter Hanley commented that their quick action prevented a major blaze.

Two fire trucks arrived and stood by while firemen used exhaust fans to vent smoke from the apartment.

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