2 Students Receive Burns In Patton Hall Suite Fire

August 27, 1993

2 Students Receive Burns In Patton Hall Suite Fire

Two Princeton University students received burns during a fire early Sunday morning in a suite in Patton Hall.

Police report that a student going to the bathroom shortly after 6 in the morning noticed smoke billowing out from under a door. He opened the door and woke up the occupants.

One 21-year-old student, lying on a couch in a common room to the suite, who, a police report indicates, had been drinking prior to the incident, sustained second degree burns to his back and right shoulder. Another student, 22, who was attempting to put out the fire, received burns to his right arm. Both were treated at McCosh Infirmary on campus. A third student managed to flee the room safely.

Police said the student on the couch fell asleep smoking a cigarette setting the couch on fire.

Fire at St. Paul’s

There was a small fire Monday morning at St. Paul’s School, 218 Nassau Street. A stage light left on in the auditorium set a stage curtain on fire. Police were called at 8:17 but the fire was extinguished by a school maintenance man. The school was evacuated.

The only damage was to the curtain and some slight smoke damage in the auditorium.

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