Two Smoke Conditions On University Campus

September 8, 1993

Two Smoke Conditions On University Campus

Alarms were sounded for two fires on the University campus last week. Neither one was serious.

At 5:10 Sunday morning there was a report of smoke in the Joline Hall dormitory but a subsequent check revealed that a boiler room heater had backfired, sending smoke through the building. There were no injuries or damage – just smoke, police said.

Some 24 hours earlier, at 4:57 Saturday morning, police and firemen responded to a report. of a fire in the first-floor atrium of the Engineering building.

Apparently, said Lt. Anthony Federico, employees using rags to clean the floor had left the rags piled in the middle of the floor and there was spontaneous combustion. Some water damage but no fire damage, Lt. Federico reported.

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