Medical technician bill clears Senate

Princeton Packet
10 September, 1985

Medical technician bill clears Senate

by Kathleen Cannon
The Packet Group

A bill’ passed by the state Senate Monday night creates the new position of “Emergency Medical Technician — Intermediate.”

But before prospective technicians can start lining up for certification, the state ‘Assembly must first approve of Senate amendments to the bill.

The measure, sponsored by state Sen. Walter E, Foran (R-Hunterdon), authorizes and certification of the new technicians. It, also permits hospitals in rural areas to operate pilot EMT-I programs in cooperation with local first aid, rescue and emergency squads.

In Mercer County, the three hospitals expected to participate in the program are Helene Fuld Medical Center, Hamilton Hospital and the Medical Center at Princeton.

The technicians would be trained to deliver basic life support services at a level of care lower than a paramedic but more than an Emergency Medical Technician.

The EMT-intermediate would be permitted to perform more life-saving functions than an EMT, but not as many as a paramedic. Paramedics, for instance, can administer medication while the other two cannot.

Under Sen. Foran’s legislation, the state Health Department would establish written standards for EMT-intermediate certification and maintain a register of all applicants for approval on the program.

The bill, which is sponsored by Assemblyman Thomas Pankok (D-Salem), goes back to the Assembly for approval of Senate amendments.

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