38 complete course in first aid and CPR

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19 December 1979

38 complete course in First Aid. CPR.

38 COMPLETE COURSE In First Aid. CPR. Thirty- eight area residents have completed the 12-week courses in Standard First Aid, and Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) which were conducted without charge by the volunteer members of the Princeton First Aid & Rescue Squad. Certifications of the successful completions are being issued by the American Red Cross.

The two-hour nightly sessions, held over a 12-week period in the Squad’s building on North Harrison Street, were a part of the curriculum of the Princeton Adult School.

“In planning the courses, we set a maximum of 20-enrollees for the class.” reports J. Edwin Obert, Jr., captain of the Squad. “However, we were overwhelmed with more than 100 applicants So, to help meet this demand, we expanded our limit to 52, and added more instructors and equipment.

“To follow-up this community interest, we are now planning the spring sessions to start in February,” Captain Obert noted.

Princeton residents who earned certificates in both First Aid and CPR are Frankie M. Hines. Rachel D. Gray, Anne Humes, Richard Forman. Howard F. Powers, Carolee and Martha Rowse; Fred, Jean and Robert Almgren; Richard Goldfarb, Ulrich A. and Ruth Frank; Robert and Nancy Swierczek: Angelo and Elaine Marino; Rebecca Bleiman, Carol Skillman, Rebecca Eagle, Ann Almgren, Victoria Wedderburn, Debbie Dix, Michael R. Crystal and Lawrence Parker.

First Aid & CPR certificates also go to John and Jeanne Courtright of Plainsboro, and to Shirley A. Ducar, Trenton. Junius Bleiman and Kathie Mosher, both of Princeton, were awarded their CPR certificates. First Aid certificates were earned by Princeton residents Polly D. Maclnnis, Patricia McPherson, Christine T. Bethune, Laura Lubarsky, John Hurley, John W. Hurley III, Stella Pang and Everard Pinneo.

Instructors were Captain Obert, Carol Ann Obert, George Hunt, Sue Robson and Aneta Zinetti, plus other Squad members.

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