50 Years Ago

50 years ago

10 March, 1987 (~estimated)


March 1937 In response to an appeal by the American Red Cross, Princeton raises $3,790 for flood relief work in the Ohio and Mississippi River valleys. 

* * * 

Alexander Wolcott comes to McCarter Theatre for the opening per-formance of “The Dark Tower,” which he wrote in collaboration with George S. Kaufman. * * * 

Princeton Quality Market opens at 126 Nassau St. with bargains such as: coffee, 1-pound can, 25 cents; peanut butter, 1-pound jar, 17 cents; eggs, 28 cents a dozen; oranges, 16 for 25 cents. Free delivery. 

* * * 

Fire losses in the borough and the township last year amounted to $34,598. there were 60 alarms, one of which was false, and one cat was rescued from a power line. 

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