…50 years

August 26, 1943

Princeton Packet

…50 years

Firemen to Hold Annual Outing

Outing on Labor Day at the Princeton Police Patrol Range in West Windsor Township. The outing this year will be a bit “quiet” from those of former years, or before Hitler became “nutty,” nevertheless the committee plans to do the best they can under the circumstances, at least as far as “bountiful repast” is concerned.

A famous caterer (name withheld for various reasons) has been bribed to do the honors, and he promises to have many things to tickle the palate, including clams in the juice and corn on the bush.

As for athletic events there will be quoits and perhaps a few 100 yard sprints for prizes — when they sound the gong for “eats.” Possible a little fancy shooting on the range —if the police think it safe to let ’em handle a gun.

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