Firemen Make Merry After Inspection

July 9, 1920

Princeton Packet

Firemen Make Merry After Inspection

The annual inspection of the Princeton tire department was held Wednesday evening, but unfortunately just as the dress parade started, and Mayor Brown and the members of Council scarcely finished giving them the once over and marking them up O.K., a shower that had been playing tag in the vicinity of Cedar Grove suddenly turned loose its elements causing the crowd of spectators to scoot for cover. But not the firemen, nay, nay, they are too used to water, so they paraded anyway.

After sashaying the usual route they marched to the strains of the Princeton Municipal Band to the No. I engine house where sumptuous entertainment was provided. Right here. however, the shower changed its course and in a short space of time the big crowd was able to assemble out back of the engine house lawn and cut loose the real doings.

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