A day to thank, and to think

Princeton Packet

12 June, 1987

A day to thank, and to think

A memorial ceremony to recognize the county’s deceased firefighters and auxiliary embers will be held Sunday in Lawrence,Township. The Mercer County Firemen’s Association Memorial Service will take glace at 4:30 p.m. at the John T. Dempster Fire Training Center on Lawrence Station Road.

Attend if you can. If not, take a moment Sunday to remember the many volunteers brim devote, and in some cases give up, their lives to this most vital community service Effort.

The volunteer fire company is very much a symbol of traditional American value. It is service oriented and very often family centered — with husbands, wives and children all playing roles in, and making sacrifices for, its success it can cut across generations, class lines and economic barbers. In many cases it serves as a social center, provides education and adds to its community’s recreational opportunities as well.

But it can’t do anything without its dedicated people, not can it function without the support of us all. So remember the firefighters this Sunday. If you are among their number, be proud. If cot, be proud of them. And consider how you might be able to help.

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