‘Buy one more’ focus for Thanksgiving food drive

The Princeton Packet

18 October, 1985

‘Buy one more’ focus for Thanksgiving food drive

By Sally Lane

Staff Writer

In addition to cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie and stuffing, the ingredients for some people’s Thanksgiving dinner this year may include a newspaper, a local first aid , and the Red Cross.

The Princeton Packet, in conjunction with the Princeton Area Red Cross chapter and local first aid squads is sponsoring a Thanksgiving food collection drive.

Beginning Oct. 28, food collections will begin at the following first aid squad buildings: Cranbury, East Windsor Nos. 1 and Nos. 2, Hopewell, Lawrence Township, Pennington, Princeton, Kingston, Montgomery Township, Plainsboro, Rocky Hill, and Twin W in West Windsor.

Weatherproof barrels donated by the FMC Corp. will be delivered Oct.26 to the squads.

The barrels, to be located outside the squad buildings, will be available for people to deposit canned goods and nonperishable  food items that will be distributed Nov. 25 to needy individuals, families and the elderly.

Stickers containing the logo ” Buy one more item “affixed to the barrels will alert people that the barrels are indeed where the food should be dropped off.

“We’re asking people to consider buying one more item, not to just get one thing out of the back of their cupboard hanging around,” said Maggie Miller of the Red Cross, one of the developers of the slogan.

Approximately 100 powers displaying the slogan will also be distributed to area food stores by Oct 25, said Carol Axelrod, the circulation promotion manager for The Packet and co-developer of the slogan.

“We had decided that we were going to put posters in food stores I figured that if people saw a poster saying ‘buy one more item,’ what is it to buy one more item when your considering the whole week’s food bill? Mrs Axelrod asked..

As important as buying the item though, is the size of the item. Ms Miller said.

The director of community relations and volunteer programs for the Red Cross asked people to consider the fact that a lot of people for whom the food drive is being held live alone. People should therefore donate small portions, Ms. Miller said.

A Princeton Medical Center warehouse on Herrontown Road will be used as a central warehousing facility and distribution point for the drive. A Packet truck and driver will be available for pickup of donated items from the first aid squads on Saturdays.

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