Fireman Is Awaiting Deployment to Gulf

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22 August, 1990 (~estimated)

Fireman Is Awaiting Deployment to Gulf

William D. Shields, a member for the past 20 years of Princeton Engine Co. No. 1, Chestnut Street, has been called to active duty. A staff sergeant in the U.S. Army Reserve, he was in Ft. Benning, Ga. last week, awaiting deployment to Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Shields, 41, grew up in Princeton and graduated in 1967 from Princeton High School. He Joined the U.S. Postal Service after graduation and, for a while, was a carrier in town. He is still employed by the Postal Service.

A former fire chief, he is the first member of the Princeton Fire Department to be called to active duty. Mr. Shields and his wife, Eileen, who is from West Windsor, live in Bordentown. They have a daughter age 6 and a son age 4.

There’s a sign with Mr. Shields’ name in the window over the bays at the Chestnut Street firehouse. Above it is a big yellow bow. Fire company members plan to keep it there as long as Mr. Shields is gone.

Another Princeton High School graduate, Bill Reich, was deployed in August as part of Operation Desert Shield. The son of-Kathleen Daniele, Tupelo Row, Airman First Class Reich, 20, joined the Air Force after his graduation in 1988. He is a defensive aerial gunner on the B-52.

Anyone who knows a member of the Armed Forces stationed in the Persian Gulf is asked to write TOWN TOPICS so that his or her name may be published. Including an address will enable friends, schoolmates, or colleagues to write.

Send this information to TOWN TOPICS, Box 664, Princeton One. If a photograph is enclosed, include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for its return.

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