Fireman Peter Nini Is Cheered By Letter from President Reagan

10 April, 1986 (~estimated)


Fireman Peter Nini Is Cheered By Letter from President Reagan

Peter T. Nini’s spirits were “boosted” last week by a letter from the White House over President Ronald Reagan’s signature. 

Mr. Nini, 59, is a captain with Engine Co. No. 1 and fought the blaze that resulted from the gas leak from a damaged Sun Pipeline along the D&R Canal in freezing temperatures the night of January 31. Having battled the fire most of the night, he suffered a massive heart attack early the following morning on the firetruck as his crew was returning to the site to relieve fireman who had taken their places. 

In the days that followed, he suffered cardiac arrest and was on the point of death four times before rallying sufficiently to undergo two major heart operations and triple bypass surgery in a Philadelphia Hospital. With a nudge from their mother, Cindy Clausen, Chrissy and Debby Clausen wrote President Reagan telling him of the ordeal endured by the man they call “Uncle Pete.” 

The result was a letter dated March 27 which begins, “I was sorry to learn about your problems, but from personal experience, I know that God gives us the strength we need when things seem most difficult.” It ends: “Nancy and I are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.” 

The Clausens are having the letter framed for Mr. Nini, who is home again and “doing well,” according to his wife, and who was “very, very pleased” by the letter. 

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