Firemen, Police Praised For Spruce Circle Effort

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5 November, 1986 (~estimated)

Firemen, Police Praised For Spruce Circle Effort

To the Editor of Town Topics:
The fire at Spruce Circle in which. sadly, artist Rex Goreleigh lost his life, showed again that the police. volunteer fire department and rescue squad are an unusually responsive team.

The solicitude of the first aid unit is nigh incredible; they are a remarkably compassionate group. For me, the hardest part of being old is not failing health or failing finances, but the almost day-by-day illustrations that older people don’t count as much as the young and the trendy. We literally have to fight just to get our turn! But these volunteers restore our faith. They are marvelous.

I live on the top floor. and as the smoke was filling the stairway, two Borough policemen came and carried my, aunt, who can’t walk, to safety. Whoever you are. I thank you.

183D Spruce Circle

To the Editor of Tovin Topics:
Early Tuesday morning, (October 28), I observed the efficiency of our volunteer firemen, their deep concern and kindness to us. and how well they all performed their duties, while removing us from our smoke-filled rooms.

Do the people of Princeton realize how these men get out of bed in the middle of the night to fight fires for us? Then, with little or no sleep at all, they go on to their jobs the next morning.

We should be proud in this town to have the calibre of men who volunteer their time and talent to serve all of us. I personally would like to say thank you, firemen. for a job well done. All of you deserve our thanks and the respect of this community.

203 Spruce Circle

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