Fog is Actually Smoke; Fire Damages ’78 Merc

4 January, 1990 (~estimated)

Fog Is Actually Smoke; Fire Damages ’78 Merc

What Township police, on routine patrol this week, thought at first was fog turned out to be smoke coming from the engine compartment of a 1978 Mercury Marquis.

According to Lt. Mario Musso, police were on patrol in the parking lot area of Princeton House off Herrontown Road at 12:12 Monday morning, when they saw what they first believed was fog. Quickly determining that it was smoke from a car fire, the officers requested a fire truck. In the meantime, with the use of their patrol car extinguisher, they were able to put out the fire before six firemen arrived and performed a “wash down.”

Lt. Musso commented that the fire may have been caused by a possible fuel leak. It was contained to the engine compartment. He described the owner as a resident of Trenton, who had recently purchased the car for $200.

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