Letters to the editor: Landau’s gift also appreciated

Princeton Packet
16 March 1983

letters to the editor:
Landau’s gift also appreciated

To the editor:

Henry and Robert Landau appreciate the people and the town of Princeton. One way this appreciation has been shown are the contributions to the two volunteer emergency services in town, the Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad and the Princeton Fire Department.

As expressed by Henry Landau, these volunteer groups serve everyone in Princeton. And what better way to thank the people of Princeton for their patronage then to help these two essential services. For these two volunteer organizations proper equipment is a must and this equipment can mean the difference between life and death. Equipment donated to the First Aid Squad includes, two trauma kits; portable oxygen equipment; ambu bags (to assist breathing); and airways.

The donation of this equipment has enabled the squad to equip all its vehicles with complete up to date trauma kits. These kits carry all the essential first aid supplies needed at the scene of any emergency. The portable oxygen equipment helps in two areas. For one the equipment allows for a larger supply of oxygen especially needed at advanced life support calls. Secondly, this equipment gives the squad’s Rescue Truck, used at car accidents and general alarm fires, an oxygen supply. This is very important in aiding firefighters overcome by smoke, the rescue truck is usually the closest first aid unit to the fire.

Without the help of Landau’s it may have taken years to get this equipment. Since the squad operates under a tight budget, equipment purchases have to be spread out over a number of years. To meet its operating and capital replacement budgets the squad relies totally on donations from the public and businesses.

Equipment donated to the Princeton Fire Department consisted of a special adapter for Engine Company’s number 1 ’s pumper and 24 pair of fire resistant gloves for the firefighters.

The special adapter will allow number 1’s pumper to receive water from the three and one half inch hose used by the Department’s two newer pumpers. This large diameter hose gives a larger supply of water than the conventional two and one half inch hose. This means firefighters can get the volume of water they need to knock out a fire in its beginning stages This hose helped firefighters at the recent Princeton Community Village fire which was extinguished in almost record time.

The gloves donated give the firefighters real protection from heat and hot embers. Presently firefighters are issued a pair of rubber gloves. These rubber gloves melt when exposed to high temperatures.

The process of getting equipment for the Fire Department is a difficult one. All requests must be submitted to the borough administrator and the Borough Council for approval. Equipment purchases, even if approved, arc not made until the end of the fiscal year. The reason for this is to see that enough money was budgeted for heating the firehouses. Usually the heating and electric bills will go over their a lotted amount. To make up for this money is taken from the equipment fund to pay these bills. The equipment fund which has run about $6.000 the last few years, is run down to almost nothing after this process. Obviously any equipment donation is more than appreciated by the department.

The Landau’s have been interested in Princeton since David Landau first moved here in 1955. today his sons, Henry and Robert, demonstrate that interest. Their donations are made for a number of reasons. The principal reason is to repay the people of Princeton for their patronage. But also these donations are meant to show a need for the support of business and private citizens for these two volunteer organizations. As Henry Landau said; people should not only think of these organizations when they need them, they should think of them all year round. After all. these two organizations operate 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Citizens and businesses interested in helping or getting more information can contact the following people. Princeton Fire Department. Chief Bill Rodweller, Ralph Hulit Jr. or Henry Landau. Princeton First Aid Squad: president Mark Freda or Captain J. Edwin Obert Jr.

Mark Freda
President. Princeton First Aid Squad
Bill Rodweller
Chief, Princeton Fire Department

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