Parents thank lifesavers

Princeton Packet
17 June 1981

Parents thank lifesavers

To the editor:

As parents of the two girls that were injured in the car crash at Provinceline Road in Montgomery Township on Sunday, June 7. we wish to publicly express our gratitude to the Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad, the Montgomery Township First Aid and Rescue Squad, the Emergency Medical Unit of Hopewell Fire Department and the Montgomery fire Co. 2 of Blawenburg and any other medical unit or paramedic unit that we may have inadvertently left out above.

How docs one thank these many people for their compassionate and competent actions that most assuredly saved the lives of both of our daughters?

We always think that horrible car accidents like the one our girls were in always “happen to the next person”! Well, we found out that no one person on this earth is immune to tragedy. And so, over and above out gratitude I would like to say when those people come around and ask for a contribution…one that may be the very contribution that will pay towards some of the equipment so necessary to save human lives.. Don’t say no…Even if it seems like very little to you, remember every little bit helps. How wonderful that people like this give of themselves and their time to save lives. Surely, we can do our part in helping them in some way to help others!

May God bless every single volunteer member on every single squad and in every fire company and in every police company that give so much of themselves to help people in need of help.

Once again, though we don’t know the individual names of you wonderful people who helped save our daughters’ lives…you will all always have our eternal gratitude. May the good Lord spare you and your dear ones the horrendous heartaches we went through!

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Hirsch
1545 Passaic Place, North Brunswick

and Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Stewart
1556 Potomac Ave., North Brunswick

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