Princeton Township

Princeton Packet
4 February 1981

Princeton Township

A fire at the home of Frank A. Petito, 89 Lambert Drive, Jan. 27, heavily damaged the attic area of the home.

A general alarm was sounded at 8:07 p.m. and flames were observed by police coming from the main section of the roof on the north end. The fire, confined to the attic, was quickly extinguished as it started to spread to the north wing of the attic. The second floor received water and ceiling damage and some water damage was done to the first floor. The front door and windows had been forced open to gain entry to the empty home. The cause was determined to be an electrical malfunction.

A general alarm was sounded and then quickly canceled when smoke was reported pouring from the home of Bruce Nichols, 889 Lawrenceville Road, about 3:44 p.m., Jan. 30. Smoke backed up into the home when a wood stove clogged up.

Mark L. Pollard, 36, of 11 Toth Lane, Rocky Hill, remains in intensive care at Princeton Medical Center with multiple injuries following a single car traffic accident on River Road at 6:15 a.m. Jan 27.

According to township police, Mr. Pollard was heading toward Princeton- Kingston Road when the accident occurred on the wet road.

Reportedly in an attempt to avoid hitting a rabbit his car swerved and skidded for 174 feet before leaving the road. It left another 30 feet of wide furrow marks before colliding with a tree, knocking the tree over. The car then began to roll over for another 36 feet before striking another tree. Police found the undercarriage of the car against the tree and the driver’s side of the car facing the ground. The car had to be pried open to extract Mr. Pollard, who was taken to Princeton Medical Center.

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