Rescue squad answers 319 calls in three months

Princeton Packet

13 April, 1984

Rescue squad answers 319 calls in three months

Capt. Ed Obert of the Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad reports that the squad responded to a total of 319 calls for the first three months of 1984; a total that he said is down 10 percent from the first quarter of 1983.

Three hundred-four of these calls were emergency dispatches, 13 were routine transportation calls, and two were miscellaneous. Eighty-two of the calls were handled by the paramedics as mobile intensive care unit (MICU) calls.

One hundred nineteen of the calls were in Princeton Borough, 117 were in the Township, and 83 were mutual aid dispatches. “Our members put in a total of 1,110 hours on the calls — about 40 percent were handled by the paid day crew,” Capt. Oben said. “Our total mileage for the quarter was just under 3,000. “

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