Smoke But No Fire

11 April, 1984


At Princeton High School. There was smoke but no fire at Princeton High School before the start of school Thursday morning.

All three Princeton fire companies responded to a Plectron alarm sounded at 6:59 reporting smoke in the cafeteria area of the high school. Police report the smoke was coming from a
malfunctioning auxiliary motor located in an elevator shaft. There was no damage and school opened on time.

Porsche Fire.

The 1977 Porsche of a Township resident sustained extensive damage Friday when its rear
engine compartment erupted in flames.

The mishap occurred on Harrison Street across from the Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad building, and, police report, rescue squad members came out with fire extinguishers to help put out the blaze. The owner told police that he had had some engine repair work done prior to the fire.

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