Response to christmas gift

9 January, 1989

Dear Tom,

Enclosed are copies of the paperwork that came with the gift addressed to Jeff Golomb and myself. As you can see it is signed “Members of Engine Company #1”. By the way, the gift was a 2 ft. step ladder. It has proven to be very handy and Jeff and I really appreciate this thoughtful gift!

Since going is better than receiving, a gift for all of you is a must. Please accept our gift in the same spirit that you gave us our gift.

It was difficult to get Pierce to move up the delivery date this much, but we did it. Please enjoy your new truck. Special courses will be given on how to use this apparatus. These courses include: laying hose, hooking to a hydrant and there’s more to life than booster line. As an added bonus, a new suit of turnout gear is included!

Happy New Year,
Mark Freda

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