Sale of extinguishers to benefit firefighters

Princeton Packet
16 November, 1984

Sale of extinguishers to benefit firefighters

The Princeton Fire Department is currently offering an opportunity to Princeton area residents to make a donation to their local fire department and realize a personal benefit simultaneously.

In order to obtain a videotape series of updated firefighting techniques, the fire department must sell a minimum total of 225 extinguishers. The extinguishers are high quality professional fire protection for the home, apartment, auto boat, mobile home, or recreational vehicle. The Kidde “Fire Away” extinguisher is an approximate $25 value and can be purchased from the fire department for only $15, a bargain, when Considering the potential damages it can prevent.

The videotape series will benefit the local companies, Engine Company No, 1, Hook and Ladder, and Engine Company No. 3,who up until now have relied upon outdated firefighting technique films.

Anyone interested in purchasing an extinguisher or obtaining further information should call 924-3333 and leave a message. Deadline is Dec. 31.

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