Squad serves beyond duty’s call

Princeton Packet
15 September 1982

Squad serves beyond duty’s call

To the editor:

When seconds count, we know that the Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad will be there. But did you know that its caring response is sometimes available under less immediate but nevertheless difficult circumstances?

How about being 350 miles from Princeton, suddenly and acutely incapacitated. hospitalized and without a way to get home? Not the concern of the squad, you think? Wrong!

In mid July my wife and I were in New Hampshire when, in an instant, a back problem left me flat on my back and unable to get up. The next day I needed a doctor’s help, and a local town ambulance took me to the hospital in Plymouth. N.H. Although not life threatening, the attack left me unable to drive or even sit in a car.

My wife tried to locale a private ambulance service; the response was discouraging. Finally in desperation she called the Princeton Squad for guidance. Jack Seeley gave her the most astonishing but reassuring information possible. He matter-of-factly said that he could arrange for a driver and colleagues to drive a Princeton ambulance 350 miles to get us.

On Saturday Ed and Carol Obert, Diane Flury and Brad Stager drove up, and on Sunday I had professional care during the return to Princeton. They
volunteered their time and attention for which there is no charge. Amazingly they regard the service as pan of their routine for Princeton.

Except for two paid paramedics, the squad is financed by donations alone. So when they make an appeal for funds — or why not right now — remember the service you may need, not only when seconds count, but also at other times when you need professional care.

Arthur Dreeben

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