Thanks go to fire fighters

Princeton Packet
19 April 1978

Editor. The Packet:

Public thanks are due again to the extraordinary women and men of the Princeton Volunteer Fire Department. The professional competence with which they responded to our call for help with a chimney fire on Friday, April 7. is outstanding.

The efficient organization, the highly trained response to the situation, analysis of the problem and the teamwork and comradeship of the members was demonstrated at every turn. Fortunately the fire, fed by the bees’ nests in the chimney cover, had burned itself out in the chimney, and the slate roof protected the house from flames and falling cinders.

Our special thanks to the Greenburgs who were driving past, saw the fire and alerted our neighbors and ourselves.

We are grateful to live in Princeton, and for the warm friendships, neighbors and sense of service that so many in the community share.

Rosemary Blair
David Blair
1108 Kingston Road

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