Three Fires Sunday

Town Topics
10 February 1982


All Small, All in Township. Township police checked out three small fires last week, all occurring on Sunday.

At 2:14 in the afternoon, Ptl. Peter Savalli went to 176 Parkside Drive to investigate the report of smoke in the home and a hot wall near the chimney. The fire was out on his arrival.

Police said that excess creosote in the chimney had ignited but there was no damage to property.

At 2:49, Ptl. Savalli was on his way again to 171 Western Way, after police received a report of a washer on fire. The fire, apparently caused by an electrical fault, was out on his arrival.

At 3:45, PU. Robert Nielsen responded to the report of a fire in the C Level of Jadwin Gym on the university campus. It had been extinguished by the campus police by the time Ptl. Nielsen arrived.

The fire, police report, had been confined to two drawers in a steel desk in a squash court office. It appears, police said, that hot ash from a cigarette may have fallen from an ash tray and ignited papers. Fans from Hook and Ladder cleared the area of smoke.

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