Trash cans destroyed

Town Topics
7 December 1983


In Walnut Lane Fire. Four plastic garbage cans located in front of a garage comer at 420 Walnut Lane were destroyed by fire last week. Some of the garage siding was also damaged.

The owner, George G. Lawler told police that he had just placed the can by the garage and returned to the house. He called police at 4:28 last Wednesday afternoon when he saw they were on fire and the blaze was put put by 5:10. Police say the cause of the fire is unknown but Capt. Jack Petrone commented that something hot must have been inside the can.

General Alarm Sounded.

A general alarm was sounded early last week for a fire at Rosedale Mills, 274 Alexander Street.

The fire has been termed suspicious and an investigation is being continued by Fire Chief William Rodweller and the Mercer County Arson Squad. It was discovered by a person working on a house next door.

All fire companies responded to the 8:10 call. Police said the blaze was confined to an outside storage shed and damaged some hay, straw and wooden pallets. The yard had been locked at 5. Capt Petrone commented that it was fortunate the fire was discovered when it was or the damage would have been considerably greater.

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