Two Fire Calls Answered In Township, But No Fire

Princeton Packet
3 October, 1986

Two Fire Calls Answered In Township, But No Fire

Firemen responded to two fire calls last week in the Town-ship but in each instance there was smoke but no fire.

A resident in Lawrence Apartments called police at 7:47 Friday night after smelling smoke in a nearby fifth-floor apartment. Firemen in responding found a pot left on a stove had overheated and filled the apartment with smoke. They vented it away with fans.

Police report the occupant claimed to have turned the burner off before leaving.

The following day one piece of fire apparatus responded to a 5:35 p.m. call from a Randal Road resident.

Police report that the occupant had attempted to dry out a newspaper by placing it in the oven. It caught fire and filled the house with smoke. Once again, firemen used fans to clear away the smoke.

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