VW Engine Is Destroyed By Fire in Campus Lot

20 March, 1986 (~estimated)

VW Engine Is Destroyed By Fire in Campus Lot 

The engine of a 1973 VW was destroyed by fire this month when it caught fire while parked in lot 19 of the Graduate School off Springdale Road. Police report the fire had started in the carburetor. 

Seven firemen from Hook and Ladder responded to a 12:10 a.m. call but university proctors had managed to extinguish the fire before they arrived. The owner was identified as John H. Sloan of the Graduate College.

An area about 50 feet in diameter on the property of William Bittinger, Cherry Hill Road, was burned this month when a Public Service power line snapped. Sparks from the wire set leaves and brush on fire, police said, and several small shrubs were charred before it was extinguished by responding firemen.  

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