Woodbridge Begins

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27 August 1983
(date estimated)

Woodbridge Begins

Starts Mayoral Campaign. Jumping into the Borough’s mayoral campaign ahead of his opponent — and tossing a dart in her direction in the process — Republican candidate Richard Woodbridge issued a formal campaign statement this week.

“I believe it is wrong to seek public office with the primary intent of using it as a ‘stepping stone’ for other political opportunities,” Mr. Woodbridge declared. “I pledge to serve my full four years if elected Mayor this fall.”

His opponent, Democratic candidate Barbara Sigmund, ran in the Democratic United States Senate primary and, earlier in her career, accepted an appointment to the Mercer County Board of Freeholders after she had been elected to Borough Council.

Promising to keep “a tight rein on taxes,” candidate Woodbrldge pointed to grantsmanship as one way of reining them in.

‘‘I am proud to say that I played a major role, along with the mayor, Coun- cilwoman Barbara Hill and Councilman Peter Bearse in obtaining a $400,000 grant ($85,000 in 1983 alone) for the Witherspoon-Jackson Development Corporation.”

The Borough now has the $85,000 for rehabilitating the John-Witherspoon area through the development corporation. To receive the full $400,000, the Borough must have the grant renewed in each of the next four years.
Mr. Woodbridge urges a “systematic study” to find out whether other grants are available.

As examples of cost-cutting, he cites purchase of a $50,000 mini-pumper for the fire department instead of a large $120,000 fire-pumper, at a saving of $70,000, and the donation by Remington Rand of money to buy bullet-proof vests for all police in Borough, Township and Plainsboro.

Mr. Woodbridge was Police Commissioner of the Borough for four years, has been Fire Commissioner for the last two and one-half years and a volunteer fireman for eight.

He was the first co-chair — with former Township Committee member Kate Litvack — of the Joint First Aid and Rescue Squad Committee that instituted the daytime paramedic program assuring daytime ambulance service.

In his statement, Mr. Woodbridge says he would set aside “at least one hour every Monday afternoon” for meetings with the public; would institute a Suggestion Box end establish a public calendar, supported by the advertisements of local merchants, and containing emergency numbers, community events, names of officials and the like.

He also promises to continue work on repairing the sewers, and to run the Borough “like a business.”

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