Worker rescued from tank

31 March, 1989 (~estimated)

Worker rescued from tank

By Paul Mickle
Staff Writer

PRINCETON TWP. — A Bronx man who inexplicably collapsed while at work cleaning an underground gas tank yesterday was rescued by township volunteers and later was reported in good condition.

Jose Rosario, 28, an employee of the tank-cleaning company at work the past two days at the Harrison Street Amoco, was wearing a respirator and other protective equipment when stricken shortly before 2 p.m., his boss said.

But for reasons that remained under investigation last night, Rosario reportedly fell to the floor of the giant tank and remained there more than 30 minutes until local firemen and medics donned protective gear, crawled in and pulled him out.

Rosario, who was reported unconscious and was feared brain damaged by a lack of oxygen while in the tank, was airlifted by helicopter to Cooper-University Medical Center.

Lin Symons, owner of the gas station, said Rosario and other workers from Insurance Restoration Specialists of Edison were in the second day of cleaning out four tanks underground in preparation for removing them to make way for new ones.

Somme said he found as same thing was wrong when one of the workers started hollering that Rosario had collapsed inside the fume-filled tank, which was exposed to view from above by only hole about big enough for a man to crawl through.

Tim Jarema, a vice president IRS, said company safety officers would look into what happened to Rosario, who has been working for the company two years.

Said Jarema: “He was wearing a respirator and protective clothing. Now why the respirator was functioning, or why he fell and it came we don’t know.”

Jaremasaid same of Rosario’s co-waivers went with him is the Camden hospital and reported beck that though they feared be ,he had been breathing in bad fumes while unconscious, Rosario seemed fine later at the hospital. I don’t have to tell how relieved we are,” Jarema said.

RESCUE SITE — Princeton Township police Sgt. Jerry Offredo (left), Fire Marshal Ted Cashel and police Lt. Anthony Gaylord inspect the hole local volunteers had to enter to rescue a worker after he collapsed, perhaps due to fumes, inside the tank at the Amoco station on Harrison Street yesterday.

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