2 Cars Catch Fire

Princeton Packet (estimated)

9 May, 1984 (date estimated)


In Township. Two cars caught fire last week in the Township.

Martin Stone, 29, of Trenton, an employee of Electrolux, told police that he noticed a lot of smoke coming from his car Saturday morning as he turned into a driveway at 763 Princeton-Kingston Road to make a delivery. The engine compartment, hood, windshield and dashboard of his 1980 station wagon were damaged in the fire which police described as electrical.

The fire was extinguished by firemen who responded to a 10:29 call for aid.

While driving on Mountain Avenue early last week, Michael A Strong, 232 Bayard Lane, heard a loud pop. He stopped his car, opened the hood and discovered his engine on fire.

Police said that Mr. Strong was able to extinguish the fire with his powder extinguisher. The engine wires and hood of his 1967 Volkswagen were damaged.

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