Match Believed Cause of Fire

7 April 1976

Match believed cause of fire

A neglected match left in an upstairs bedroom is believed to have touched off a general alarm blaze Friday around noon at the home of Roland Smith of 38 Pardee Circle.

No one was injured but 19-year-old Jeffery Smith, who was alone in the house when the fire broke out appeared dazed Friday when he explained that he thought the fire had been caused by a match he’d left upstairs untended.

The fire, which just began to gather strength when firemen arrives, gutted several rooms upstairs and damaged the entire two-story home with smoke and water damage.

Upon discovering the fire, the youth ran to a neighbor’s house to call for help.

All units responded to the alarm, arriving to connect hoses as the fire pushed out through several upstairs windows.

The younger Smith said both parents had left the house earlier that day.

Photo captions:

PRINCETON FIREMAN shoots water up into the smoking second floor window. (Had Bush photos)

INSIDE, firemen work to get a hose up the stairway.

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