A Christmas-Red Present

27 December 1982
(date estimate)

A CHRISTMAS-RED PRESENT: Every kid wants a new fire-engine for Christmas. So did Fire Chief Raymond Wadsworth, and on Monday, his wish was granted. Chief Wadsworth (left) accepted the keys from Bob Fossbenner (right) of the Mack truck company, and now the 1250 pumper belongs to Mercer Engine Number Three, Chambers Street. The new pumper has a bigger hose (three and one-half inches, instead of the usual two and one-half) and a 500-gallon capacity. Ordered in November, 1981, the truck was due in August, but didn’t make it to Chambers Street until this week. Price tag: $138,000. The old pumper? High bidder, at $500, was a tree company which will use it to spray tree-tops.‭ ‬

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