Aid squad launches annual drive

Princeton Packet
24 September 1982

Aid squad launches annual drive

The Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad will launch its 1982-83 Fund Drive this week with a mailing to all Princeton area residents. Its goal is to raise $105,000.

Last year the squad answered ,.226 calls. Nearly 200 of those calls involvcd “advanced life support” for dangerous heart irregularities, severe respiratory problems, chest pains, and shock. Last year alone the hearts of seven clinically dead patients were restarted. Since the Lifemobile program began in 1978, its crews have restarted 13 stopped hearts.

“In order to continue delivering high quality emergency service, we need to update our present equipment.” said Mark Freda, president of the squad. “This year we plan to purchase additional walkie-talkies, and mobile radio equipment; we are also considering replacing an eight-year old ambulance.”

“Our volunteers are highly qualified and dedicated individuals.” Mr. Freda said. “But we cannot operate a first-class emergency service without adequate funds. We urge all our residents to give generously.”

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