Cycle, Car Collide

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11 May 1983

Cycle, Car Collide

Cycle, Car Collide. Russell H. Shangle Jr., 25, 446 Nassau Street, was injured last week when his motorcycle collided with a car turning from Nassau Street into Larry’s Sunoco service station at the corner of Murray Place. The impact threw Shangle over the hood of a car operated by Teresa L. Smith, 51, Ridge Road, Kingston.

The victim was taken to Princeton Medical Center where he was treated for a fractured left foot and multiple abrasions and contusions. Shangle told Ptl. Joseph Wilhelm that he had just driven out of the Exxon station and turned right on Nassau when the collision took place.

Mrs. Smith was issued a summons for failing to give a proper signal. The accident took place at 3:47 last Wednesday afternoon.

Caddy Is Totaled.

The 19- year-old driver and his two 17 year-old passengers were injured last week when their 1978 Cadillac went out of control on Route 206, between Provinceline Road and Quaker Road.

The driver, David J. Stonaker, 30 Bainbridge Street, later told Ptl. Mario Musso that he had looked down to get something out of his jacket and he lost control. After leaving the roadway, the car first struck a utility pole and then continued on and struck a tree 98 feet away.

Stonaker, who sustained minor cuts and bruises, was ticketed for careless driving. One passenger, Roseann Tufano, of Murray Place suffered lacerations of the head; a second, Michelle Emann of Provinceline Road, complained of back pains. Their car was judged a total loss.

Hit By Car.

A Finley Road resident was struck by a passing car last week when he stepped out into the roadway while cutting his grass at 56 Finley.

The victim, Harold Huckins, 58, told police he had been cutting his lawn when he stepped into the roadway. He did not hear a car approaching because of the mower noise, he added.

There were no charges by Ptl. John Clausen against the driver, Philip Abrams of 69 Pretty Brook Road. A jogger in the area at the time, Mary Pickens of Finley Road, told the office that she had seen Mr. Huckins step from the curb into the path of the Abrams car.

Mr. Huckins was treated at the Medical Center for lacerations of the head: The incident took place on Saturday at 5:31 p.m.

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