Three hospitalized in Route 206 collision

12 July, 1988

Three hospitalized in Route 206 collision

By Barbara Preston
Staff Writer

Three people remain hospitalized after two cart collided head-on this weekend on-Route 206 in Princeton Township and tied up traffic for hours.

Police wrote Wendell Rogers, 26, of 360 Brunswick Ave., Trenton, a ticket for crossing the double yellow highway lines on Saturday near Edgerstoune Road and subsequently colliding head-on with another car.

State police are also analyzing a sample of Mr. Rogers’ blood for drug or alcohol content at a state police lab, police said.

Mr. Rogers told police that he “did not remember any details from the accident,” police said.

“The last thing he can remember is driving north on Route 206 at Quaker Road” on his way to Nassau Street, police said. Mr. Rogers was driving his 1980 red Buick Century north on Route 206 when his car swerved, for an unknown reason, into the southbound lane, police said.

Meanwhile, Claire McDonald, 45, of Kingston,. N.Y., was driving a 1984 black Cadillac south on Route 206. The two cars collided at 6:15 p.m., police said. Both cars were destroyed, police said.

Mr. Rogers did not signal, beep his horn, or give any warning prior to his suddenly driving into the southbound lane, Ms. McDonald told the police.

Police did not find any skid marks from Mr. Rogers’ car indicating that he attempted to brake before striking Ms. McDonald’s car.

The Princeton First Aid Squad transported Mr. Rogers, Ms. McDonald and her passenger, William Pretsch, 45, of Kingston, N.Y., to the Medical Center at Princeton.

Ms. McDonald and Mr. Pretsch remained in stable condition in the special care ward at the hospital on Monday. Ms. McDonald was being treated for a facial injury and Mr. Pretsch was being treated for a chest injury.

Mr. Rogers was in satisfactory condition on Monday and he was being treated for a head injury, police said.

The First Aid Squad members used the jaws of life to remove Mr. Pretsch from his trapped position in the passenger seat of the car. It took about 45 minutes to remove all three victims from the cars, according to Edwin Obert of the squad.

Two ambulances, a rescue truck and a fire truck responded to the accident, he said.

Police asked Mr. Rogers whether he had any health problems or if he was having any problems with his car and he said no to both questions.

Police are still investigating the accident and they are awaiting the results of Mr. Rogers’ blood test.

Staff photo • Brian J. Berman

Firefighters hold open the front passenger door allowing rescue workers to remove en Injured person from one of two cars involved in a head-on collision Saturday on Route 206 in Princeton Township.


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